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A film by Marc Clériot
This film is unfortunately Obsolete

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Filmed in HD .... 16:9

German version

Mots clą©s: Zakouma Chad Tchad Tschad Elephants Elefanten Braconnage Poachers Wilderer Ivory Ivoire Elfenbein Africa Afrique

While writing this commentary we stumbled upon some unbelievable piece of information.
We could not really use it until we had proofs.
Pressed by time, we fully finish the german version only to find out a few days later, that it was obsolete on arrival.

It took us 15 days to get a first confirmation, another two to get the first hard evidence.

We immediately decided not to distribute this film as it is any further.
The French version was aborted before we did output the final film. We had unfortunately invested in recording a commentary, luckily the English version never was recorded.
For two months, we have querried and investigated to piece it all together.

We have now started filming interviews with key witnesses and hope to be soon able to present a truer picture of the sad state of affairs for elephants in Africa.

Atelierm2c2 productions